There are over 2 million farm workers in Mexico. Over 434, 608 are migrant farm workers.

According to the Farm workers´ National Survey  (ENJO) 2014, 41.6 % of labor workers live  in extreme poverty; With no access to health care, elementary education, or clothing.  On top of everything, with long and frequent period being laid off, among other things.

Around 42% of children of farm working families suffer malnutrition of some degree.

The lack of job opportunities, development and well being among otheres, have forced a great number of farm working youth to migrate, looking for a better life for them and their families.

Our approach

Promoting the creation of sustainable farm communities, through  integrative social programs that involve labor workers, producers, public and private institutions.

Specific aims:

  • Promoting the exercise of human rights of farm workers living in farming communities.
  • Offering good living conditions that foster the return of labor workers families every season.
  • Coordinating the participation of authorities, academic institutions and the community so they offer the required  services by labor workers.